Women’s History Month Q and A: Linda Davis, Real Estate ScanSnap Squad Member and Deputy Mayor

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Women’s History Month Q and A: Linda Davis, Real Estate ScanSnap Squad Member and Deputy Mayor

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are showcasing some of the amazing professional women who participate as members of our ScanSnap Squad.

In the below Q&A, we get insight into the life of Linda Davis, our resident Real Estate expert. Read on to find out to find out what builds her confidence, the importance of social media in her life, and why bad experiences buying two homes actually lead to a successful career in real estate.

[ScanSnap] If you were asked to describe yourself, what are the first three words that pop into your head?

[Linda Davis] Organized, confident, outgoing.


[ScanSnap] When you were a child – what did you want to be when you grew up?

[Linda Davis] I wanted to be a teacher. I was always a child that loved to share what I knew and what better way than by becoming a teacher.


[ScanSnap] How did you end up in your current profession?

[Linda Davis] I bought my first home when I was 22 and my second when I was 24. Neither experience was positive. I decided I could do better. I suppose if I had bought a few bad cupcakes back then, I might have opened a bakery. My real estate career has lasted 35 years.


[ScanSnap] What’s kept you in your current career?

[Linda Davis] I’ve been blessed with a very successful career in real estate, which has given me opportunities to meet some wonderful people and to travel across the country to share my experiences with other real estate professionals. Today I love the ability to use social media to attract new clients.


[ScanSnap] What is the most challenging part of managing your career?

[Linda Davis] Finding enough time to accomplish everything I would love to do.


[ScanSnap] Do you find that social media has helped to build your personal brand? What benefits would you attribute to these efforts?

[Linda Davis] Social media is more about the content than it is the technology. I provide valuable content in my social media efforts and this equates to real connections to the people that matter.


[ScanSnap] Where do you find your motivation?

[Linda Davis] I often ask myself why some people are more motivated than others. Perhaps it was how I was raised in a family with a very strong work ethic. Being lazy or not giving 100% was not an option. I don’t know any other way.


[ScanSnap] Have you ever felt like you would not succeed?

[Linda Davis] Having been raised in a very supportive family, I’ve always been pretty confident in anything I’ve tried. I just put my head down and work harder.


[ScanSnap]  Do you have someone you consider your career mentor?

[Linda Davis] I’ve had a number of mentors in particular aspects of my career. I tend to try to emulate the best attributes of each. Everyone I meet has a strength I can learn from.


[ScanSnap] What is some of the best advice you have received?

[Linda Davis] Very simply, do not be attached to the outcome. Always do what you think is best for the people you are serving.


[ScanSnap] What advice do you wish you had received when you were just starting out in your career?

[Linda Davis] Begin building your CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) on the day you have your very first client.


[ScanSnap] And now – with all obstacles removed – what other career would you like to try?

[Linda Davis] I have a multitude of interests! I would love to be a social marketing director or work on the committee of a national political campaign. I would do it tomorrow if the opportunity became available.


[ScanSnap] One last question – What are your outlets to escape from work?

[Linda Davis] I enjoy golf and I’m also very involved in my community and serve as Deputy Mayor of the Town of Ledyard.


Linda Davis (@LindaDavis) is a ScanSnap Squad contributor, real estate broker, blogger, trainer, speaker, wannabe photographer, golfer, political junkie, and weather weenie.