Tips and Tricks for Mac Users

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April 17, 2017
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April 23, 2017
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Tips and Tricks for Mac Users

Just for Mac Users! We’ve gathered some tips & tricks that outline how to take advantage of great Mac tools to optimize your ScanSnap experience.

Post Scan searchable PDF converting tool– If you don’t want to wait to convert your scanned documents into searchable ones while scanning, you can use the searchable converting tool. Start by opening launch pad or search for the Searchable Converting tool. Once the application is open, drag and drop your documents into the Searchable Converting tool. Now you can move on to your next task while your documents are being processed in the background.


ScanSnap Organizer page merge– Need to merge 2 pages together? Use ScanSnap Organizer. Start by scanning in the pages and save them in Organizer. Open the program and select the 2 pages you would like to merge together. Then select the Merge button at the top left side of the window.

* Pages being merged must be the same size.


merge 3

merge 1

ScanSnap Organizer post-scan OCR– If you use ScanSnap Organizer to save your documents, you have the ability to perform post-scan OCR on your documents at any time. Simply select the document you want to OCR and hit the Searchable Converter icon at the top left side of the window. Next, it will confirm the Language, and how much of the document you want OCR’d. Select your desired settings, hit Okay and let it run.

ssorg 1

search 1

Advance Search within ScanSnap Organizer– Did you know that the search capabilities in ScanSnap Organizer are so awesome that you can search for specific words inside of the document without having it open? All you have to do is OCR your document and save them in organizer. It’s probably my favorite Mac trick!

search 2

Editing tools in Preview– There are lots of quick editing tools built into Preview. The first one is Signature – did you know you can sign a document using your trackpad or camera? All you have to do it select Signature in Preview, write your signature on a piece of paper and hold it up to your camera. Preview will save it for future use! You can also quickly highlight, add text notes, crop pages, and redact information on documents.


Scan to iCloud– It’s easy to scan into iCloud! Just use our ScanSnap QuickMenu and Scan to Folder function. Simply select the iCloud drive as your save destination. For more information check out this article.

That’s all I have for now. Happy Scanning!

Allie Rumpanos
Business Development
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.