The Disorganized Get Organized with ScanSnap

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September 18, 2009
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The Disorganized Get Organized with ScanSnap

As a CPO® (Certified Professional Organizer), I’ve discovered a surprising pattern among my clutter-prone, disorganized clients; they’re right-brained and love developing creative filing systems, but they never consistently use them once they’re generated.

As a result, my clients are always revising examples of their personal and professional failures; files and systems created and never used.  They call me when they are at their wits end, when the guilt becomes too much to deal with, or when they are in danger of losing their job.

I love receiving their calls because I know I can introduce solutions that work and the Fujitsu ScanSnap has become this organizers tool of choice.

Scanning removes the stress for my creative, right-brained clients.   They can sit for hours digitizing and electronically filing documents with great success, enamored with speed at which they can “create”.  They are also able to avoid the guilt-inducing, panic filled, day-long searches for illusive papers and files because the ScanSnap is equipped with OCR software that gives them the ability to retrieve any document in seconds and no more!

During a recent consultation, a client discovered that she had the ability to scan multiple sized documents in one stack with the ScanSnap and made such a commotion that her boss came running in to see what the fuss was all about.  I sat back and watched as she explained how much time she would save by being able to scan a complete file, including small receipts, simultaneously.  Her boss was so impressed that she ended up staying for the second half of our training.  In the end, my client told me she had never felt as confident in her job as she did that day.  Her boss even asked me to schedule an appointment to teach her how to be more productive.

Here are a few ideas for getting organized with ScanSnap

1. Create an organized, electronic file cabinet before you start scanning documents.

Start creating folders with broader categories such as banking or medical and work inward to more specific file names such bank name, checking or savings, and year.

For example:


2. Create a “to be scanned” inbox on your desk

As you deal with the daily influx of papers, make decisions immediately.  If it requires action, follow through with the action, and then add the document to your scanning inbox.  If no action is required, add it to your scanning inbox immediately.

3. Set the “1-inch” rule

Allow no more than 1-inch of paper to stack up in your scanning inbox.  This keeps you from becoming overwhelmed with paper.  It also sets a reasonable guideline to keep your scanning inbox organized.

The disorganized need to be exposed to simple and effective solutions that will enable them to tackle their stacks of files and papers once and for all. They need to experience a day of leaving the office feeling successful and proud of their days work.  It brings me great satisfaction to see my clients achieve guilt-free efficiency and success – kind of like watching a child discover all the capabilities of a new toy.

With ScanSnap, this is exactly what my clients experience everyday!

Tracy Axcell, CPO®
Productivity Specialist
Officially Organized, LLC
(256) 318-1810