Taking Up Less Real Estate by Going Digital with ScanSnap

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May 21, 2012
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May 22, 2012
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Taking Up Less Real Estate by Going Digital with ScanSnap

My initial decision a few year ago to run a paperless real estate office presented special challenges, especially when it came time for a real estate closing where showing up with a big fat file folder is a long tradition. Since all my files are now digital, I found myself a little naked at a closing where “passing papers” was the main event. Fortunately, the ScanSnap in combination with DropBox turned out to be the perfect solution.

Throughout the real estate transaction, which can often last up to a year,  I scan every document into a folder on my computer specific to that property.  As a seller’s agent, this includes copies of all the listing documents as well as the sales and purchase agreement and related files.  Once saved to DropBox, my complete property file can now be accessed from my mobile devices giving me the ability to access my files wherever I am. Now when others arrive at the closing with their paper folders and attaché cases, I show up with my iPad.

DropBox added the abilty to link feature in April. Now I have the ability to send a link to the files or folders in my Dropbox!  As a result of this exciting change, I can email my client a direct link to their real estate file. My client will get access to a page where they can view or download the documents to their own computer or save it to their own dropbox.

The combination of ScanSnap with DropBox simplifies the paperless office process but just as important, these tools help me provide extra value to my clients.

Linda Davis (@LindaDavis) is a ScanSnap Squad contributor, real estate broker, blogger, trainer, speaker, wannabe photographer, golfer, political junkie, and weather weenie.