ScanSnap Squad Small Biz Spotlight: Okini Design – A One Woman Show

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June 26, 2013
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July 1, 2013
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ScanSnap Squad Small Biz Spotlight: Okini Design – A One Woman Show

What happens when you combine a talented graphic designer, mother of four, and the owner of a small business named Okini Design? Magically, you get Amanda Lee Pearson, an amazing businesswoman who has been “a local girl” in Sonoma County since 1996.

Mrs. Pearson truly is a shining example of what happens when you put your heart and soul into your own company. From marketing materials to media campaigns, Okini Design delivers start-to-finish services that begin with listening carefully and incorporating your needs throughout the process. She literally steps into her clients’ shoes and helps them refine their branding. The before and after comparisons are remarkable.

Amanda understands the importance of giving quality time to her family (husband and their four children, ages 4-12), clients and herself. What does it take to create this balance and time management? One of her essential business tools is a ScanSnap S1300. It allows her to scan any and all material she has created digitally and to store that material securely in many places all at the same time. What a lifesaver this is for a small business as well as a mother capturing family memories.

As a mother and business woman it is easy to give 110% to others and forget how to build in time for yourself. Another essential tool she uses for balance is scheduling time just for herself. For her, this is making sure she makes herself a priority and schedules time for yoga classes each week.

Okini means “thank you” at the deepest heartfelt level. Amanda’s commitment to her family and her passion regarding clients’ satisfaction says it all. She gives true meaning to being a small business owner.

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