ScanSnap Squad Small Biz Spotlight: Holdridge Nursery

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June 17, 2013
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June 19, 2013
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ScanSnap Squad Small Biz Spotlight: Holdridge Nursery

Living in a small town of 15,000 gives me several choices when it comes to highlighting a business for National Small business week. The few businesses we have are mostly small ones!

I’m sure everyone that lives in Ledyard, CT has shopped at Holdridge’s at one time or another.  The official name for this long standing business is Holdridge Home and Garden Showplace. Around here, it is known as just Holdridge’s. This family store celebrated its 100th anniversary last year, which puts the business in a pretty elite class.

I’d guess most folks shop at Holdridge’s for nursery stock and garden supplies. I’ve been buying my annuals and a few more perennials every spring since I moved here in 1972. In addition, they have a well stocked True Garden Hardware store. Surprisingly, Holdridge’s also offers a very nice quality gift department that carries greeting cards much different than you would find in the local chain store.

This past Christmas I decided to avoid the malls and do most of my shopping locally. I bought several of my gifts at Holdridge’s, including a fabulous little purse for my sister, a soft knitted scarf, a pair of earrings and a few Vera Bradley items. Besides feeling good about shopping locally, it was really nice to find a parking space without a hassle and to have a pleasant and knowledgeable staff waiting on me. Most of the people that work at Holdridge’s are Ledyard neighbors, making shopping there a friendly experience.

I’d like to wish the Holdridge family continued success in their business. Thank you for making the small Town of Ledyard a wonderful place to call home.

Linda Davis (@LindaDavis) is a ScanSnap Squad contributor, real estate broker, blogger, trainer, speaker, wannabe photographer, golfer, political junkie, and weather weenie.