ScanSnap Squad Review – The ScanSnap iX100 for the Mac User

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ScanSnap Squad Review – The ScanSnap iX100 for the Mac User


The ScanSnap iX100 brings the best of two worlds into one product. It has the ease of use of desktop wireless scanning (alike the ScanSnap iX500 with its GI processor) combined with the portability of the S1100 mobile scanner, Fujitsu’s prior mobile scanner.

This new scanner has the advanced GI processor, one-button scanning, scans to a Mac or PC computer, or mobile device (iOS or Android) at a 5.2 seconds per page rate. It also offers the new dual scan function, auto image stitching and, best of all, this scanner provides wireless scanning with or without an accessible WiFi network.

The iX100 can be registered on up to five different networks, which means you will not need to reconfigure it when you are at a friend’s house or a hotel. And if WiFi is not available, it can be set up with its own WPS connection.

Need to scan receipts, business cards, 8×11 forms or full size documents? The iX100 does it all. If you have a large A3 document, simply fold it in half, scan both sides and the images will be stitched together using your computer.

Whether you are working at home, in an office, a friend’s house or on the road, this is the scanner for you. With it being lightweight and portable, it is easy to transport in a briefcase, carryon bag or backpack. You can be completely PC-free and wireless (GI processor) with the integrated lithium battery. The battery can be charged with the (included) micro USB cable.

The magic of the iX100 allows you to scan directly to your iOS devices. Image files (jpegs) or PDF documents can easily be emailed to others or sent to Google Docs, Evernote and even DropBox accounts, which is perfect for someone like me who is constantly on the move.

ScanSnap has hit another home run with the iX100, by putting the wireless capability of the iX500 and the portability of the S1100 into one device. It’s a dream come true for anyone who needs to travel with a scanner.

Lorene Romero
ScanSnap Squad Member, Mac