ScanSnap Advocate Spotlight: Trumpet Inc.

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October 10, 2014
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October 16, 2014
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ScanSnap Advocate Spotlight: Trumpet Inc.

Fujitsu Scanners, including the ScanSnap line, have always been favored scanners among financial advisory firms and law practices.

Fujitsu scanners, including the ScanSnap line, have always been favored scanners among financial advisory firms and law practices. Since many advisors and attorneys meet with clients in their offices, here are just a few ideas for your assistant, Janice, to streamline client meetings with your client, Candace Clark.

Making Client Meetings a Snap

1. Make “reservations” in Worldox document management system for the 15 documents Candace brings to your in-office meeting prior to scanning. Making file reservations first enables Janice to scan all of Candace’s documents using her ScanSnap scanner (in a single batch scan) and have all the documents automatically and correctly file to Worldox.
Note: The Symphony Suite utility makes it possible for bulk scanning and saving to Worldox.

2. A few minutes later, Janice returns the original documents to Candace during the meeting and all of Candace’s meeting documents are accessible via Worldox on both the conference room screen and on meeting iPads.

3. In conclusion of the meeting, Janice shares all of the relevant documents within Worldox to Candace’s secure, shared folder via her ShareFile account.

See how our integration with Worldox and Sharefile comes to life in this video!

Just imagine all of the documents that you refer to during your meeting, which would be readily available electronically and shared securely with anyone on your team, even before the meeting ends! Just think how much smoother client meetings and client meeting wrap ups can be:

• This process eliminates the need to ever create mailers to return original documents to clients
• Everything is properly saved, put away, and accessible to meeting attendees during the meeting
• Clients receive relevant documents electronically prior to leaving your office

Talk about making an impression! Not only is this fast and efficient, this meeting workflow process is truly effective.

Have questions? Please feel free to contact for more ideas on how to streamline your client meeting processes.

Best regards,
Jo Day
Trumpet, Inc.
(480) 961-6003 x1001