ScanSnap: A Professional Organizer’s Other Right Hand

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February 4, 2013
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February 15, 2013
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ScanSnap: A Professional Organizer’s Other Right Hand

As a professional organizer, I have the extremely privileged position of being able to enter my clients’ lives and work with them in a way that almost no other person normally does. Whether I’m working with a mother in her forties to organize her home office – which often involves going through reams of paper that have never been filed – or implementing systems to help an entrepreneur run her home-based business more efficiently, I am hands-on and in the trenches with my clients.

I often find that I am suggesting new tools and technology to the people I work with to help them achieve their goals, and one of the tools I find myself going back to again and again is my trusty Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100. When I first bought it two years ago, I never imagined the role it would eventually play in both my home and business lives. Now, I can’t imagine living without it! I use it for everything from scanning checks so that I can record bank deposits more accurately, to scanning my father’s old letters to his family (from his 35-years in the Foreign Service) to share with my sisters on Dropbox. Not only that but it also comes with me to almost every client appointment since it works interchangeably on both Mac and PC.

Often when I mention the idea of a scanner to a client, their eyes glaze over and they say something like, “Oh yeah, I already have one of those – I can never get it to work!” as they point to their printer (which usually has a flatbed scanner integrated into it). I then gleefully tell them that ScanSnap is not like anything they’ve used before, and I take my S1100 from my bag, to their great astonishment. Once they’ve seen how easy and fun the ScanSnap is to use, they start scanning everything in sight!

Over the coming months, I will be writing about all the different ways I use the ScanSnap to keep my clients’ businesses, as well as their personal lives, more organized and efficient. I can’t wait to share my insights with the Community!

Penny Catterall is a professional organizer based in the Washington DC metro area who specializes in working with women-owned small businesses, helping them to achieve greater efficiency and profitability by developing and implementing organizing systems that are tailored to their specific needs.