ScanSnap 101: Education Edition

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August 19, 2016
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ScanSnap 101: Education Edition

This article aims to help you maximize the value of your ScanSnap with suggestions of uses in the classroom and at home.

In addition to mechanical pencils, binder organizers, and textbook covers, ‘Back to school’ season tends to include mountains of paper. Parents, students, administrators and teachers all face different paper challenges. This school year, let ScanSnap help you stay organized!


For Parents

  1. Do you have multiple students or students with multiple classes and teachers? Stay organized by creating different scanning profiles for each child or subject.
  2. Students often come home with oversized projects that are difficult to scan. Use the ScanSnap SV600 to scan your child’s art projects, as the unique design allows scanning of large sizes, 3D or delicate art.
  3. Do you keep hectic schedules with little time to assist with your student’s homework? Scan your child’s work to a cloud partner folder (Dropbox, Evernote, GoogleDrive) to better collaborate between Mom/Dad and student.

For Students

  1. Carrying old notes and returned homework around all semester can become burdensome. Save space by scanning notes from your classes instead of keeping the notebooks.
  2. Looking back at old quizzes and homework assignments can take up the better part of a study session. Search topics quickly while studying for finals by scanning and tagging graded quizzes and homework with important keywords using ScanSnap’s included OCR software.
  3. Remain consistent while avoiding redundant work. Save college and job applications for reference later by scanning and tagging with keywords and OCR.

For Administrators

  1. Is your office overrun with filing cabinets? Save space by scanning applications into your record management system instead of filing them in cabinets.
  2. Struggling to keep up with all the new students and their individual medical needs? Scanning medical forms into student’s dedicated files keeps you compliant and saves precious time in an emergency.
  3. Part of being a student is learning how to manage time, and as an administrator you hold them accountable. Keep track of tardiness and absences by scanning parent and doctors notes.

For Teachers

  1. Teachers can have hundreds of students each semester, which can be hard to keep track of. Store student assignments and papers as searchable PDFs to ease the review/grading process at the end of the class.
  2. Parent-teacher conferences aren’t always possible with today’s working families. Use the cloud to scan documents straight to parents for a parent-teacher collaboration.
  3. Part of being an educator means holding students accountable for their assignments. To ensure all students turn assignments in on time, have students line up to scan in last night’s homework at the beginning of each class period.

Cristin Padgett
Business Development Representative
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.