Realtor On the Go: Why a Mobile Scanner is Good For You and Good For Your Clients

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March 14, 2011
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Realtor On the Go: Why a Mobile Scanner is Good For You and Good For Your Clients

Buying a home or other property can seem like Trial by Paperwork, for both the buyer and the real estate agents handling the transaction. Sales agreements and title documents have to be reviewed, modified, signed and initialed, then filed.

For the realtor on the go, having digitized documents on a laptop that you can take with you everywhere can result in huge savings in time and effort. Your “office” travels with you from site to site as you meet with clients and potential buyers.

With a portable scanner the agent can digitize documents on-site, return the originals to the client, and save them for review later. You can also scan freshly-signed documents, moving the process forward at a faster pace.

Real estate professional can digitize new documents and use an optical character recognition (OCR) program to convert them to an editable Microsoft Word document, so you can modify the documents on-site or soon after, settle negotiations faster and close the sale.

When creating new business, having a scanner to convert business cards and save them in a digital contacts program helps realtors keep up with new clients and stay on track towards a successful year.

Realtors have until recently relied heavily on the fax machine to transmit contracts and fax back signed documents. With many passes back and forth between fax machines, contracts can become blotted, smudgy and unreadable.

Scanning preserves a document in its original form, and its readability holds up. If it is saved as an Adobe PDF with a legally-recognized electronic signature, then it can be e-mailed without any generational degradation.

At the end of the transaction, you can hand off a CD to the new owners with copies of all the digitized documents on it for their files.

Derek Flower
Senior Account Manager
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.