Q&A with the CEO of Officeheads

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May 4, 2016
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Q&A with the CEO of Officeheads

As many of you know, last week was National Small Business Week, celebrating the roughly 29 million small business owners in the U.S.! But in our eyes, every week is small business week. That’s why we want to continue the celebrations and encourage all of our followers to keep shopping small, attending local events, and supporting dedicated, hardworking, small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Throughout the next few weeks, we’ll highlight small organizations from across the US, and hear more about their business, why they love what they do, and how they use technology to further their success.

To start off, we sat down with Rebecca Berneck, the CEO and founder of Officeheads, a financial management and bookkeeping company. 

Tell us about your small business.

Rebecca Berneck: Officeheads was founded in 2008 and operates in Evanston, Illinois. We provide financial management and strategic coaching to small creative and professional service companies. Yes, we’re Bookkeepers and Accountants. Yes, we love numbers and are experts with QuickBooks and Excel. Yes, we partner with CPAs so our clients don’t have to, but we’re not your typical accounting firm. Officeheads is an Accountability Firm. Internally, we assemble an Officeheads financial team and ensure they are accountable for the accuracy, timeliness and efficiency necessary to produce meaningful financial reports that answer real business questions. Externally, we keep our clients accountable as the CEO of their companies by understanding the story that their numbers tell, operating financially healthy organizations that focus on profit first, and setting attainable goals that are steeped in their numbers.

What is your role at the company?

RB. I am the founder, CEO and “Big Head” of Officeheads. I’m an efficiency geek and believe that process is the key to seamless operations. That said, I’m the master mind behind the Officeheads Financial Management System that relies on digital tools, best practice processes, and financial management services to support entrepreneurs to tie their numbers to financial and strategic goals.

Who are your customers?

RB. Our customers are creative and professional service companies that have made it past the two-year mark. Founders at this stage have proven that their model is sustainable and are ready to manage by the numbers.

What problem is your company solving?

RB. Our clients are relieved of the exhaustion that comes from working in their businesses and get back coveted time for activities that suit their passions and strengths. How? We build an efficient financial engine that we operate quietly in the background. Our bookkeepers ensure that bills are paid, invoices are generated and collections are received on time. Our accountants deliver on time, accurate reports and partner with our clients each month so they understand the story that the numbers tell. Our analysts and coaches partner with our clients to answer key business questions and set strategic goals that are based on actual numbers. We are trusted partners to our clients to help them grow their revenue and optimize their profit.

How is your business using ScanSnap solutions?

RB. Officeheads believes it is a best practice to manage a paperless office. Our ScanSnap iX500 not only digitizes all of Officeheads’ documents and receipts, but also that of our clients. We recommend that our clients purchase an iX500 to aid in our ability to provide timely service, and further proclaim in our ebook that the unit is the best on the market for small businesses. I am, however, curious about the functionality of the iX100! I may have to test drive its portability!

What words of advice or wisdom would you like to share with small business owners?

RB. You are never too busy to manage by the numbers – you are never too small to understand the financial health of your organization – there’s no reason why you can’t start today. If numbers aren’t your forte, hire a bookkeeper!  If you want to do it yourself, select and manage against key metrics that align with your goals.

Anything else interesting to add?

RB: Officeheads believes that many business questions can be answered, measured and monitored by a number. That said, we want to know the questions that haunt today’s small business owner so we can offer helpful suggestions through our blogs and newsletters. We invite small business owners to submit questions online here.

You can connect with Rebecca and Officeheads on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn