Poulos Accounting, Rooms of Paperwork Now in the Cloud

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September 20, 2013
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September 26, 2013
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Poulos Accounting, Rooms of Paperwork Now in the Cloud


We, yes I use the term “we” because the ScanSnap team has made me feel as if I am part of their extended family, have done it again. Done what? Converted a non-believer.

When companies hear about how we digitize our vast amounts of paper, and then organize it in a way that we can search for any character on each of those papers, it all sounds like a scene from Star Trek. I always get the same reaction – “That’s not possible,” or “That must be really expensive.” The initial thought is that I’m a tech freak and that paperless workflows are reserved only for those who have extensive knowledge of computers. The reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

About a year and a half ago my life changed when I met Andrew Poulos from Poulos Accounting. I never envisioned there were accounting firms that cared as much about our money as we did. They changed our entire business and made us more profitable than we could have ever dreamed of being. Not only is Andrew a certified speaker for Quickbooks, host of weekly radio shows and webinars for tax professionals, teacher of accounting and tax law at colleges, and producer of top-selling DVD collections on using accounting software, but he also handles company books, tax compliancy, and tax returns like a superstar. This firm has it all, I have nicknamed them “Accountants to the Stars”.

The challenge with Andrew wasn’t only the amount of paperwork but the fact that he has so many clients and plays so many roles.

In my efforts to find something, anything, that this firm did not do well, I had quite a challenge before me. Then it happened: Andrew said the words I knew so well … those words that I once yelled to myself in my living room at midnight for years … “I am being eaten alive by paper. My wife can’t take it anymore!”

To me, those words are like my very own bat-signal. Rest assured, the scanner had been ordered.

Wasting no time, I ordered yet another Scansnap iX500 and ran it to Andrew’s office promising him that his life, like so many others, will be changed forever (and his wife ain’t leaving). Plugged it in, downloaded Evernote, setup shared folders between himself and all of his clients, and in a month what had been an entire house full of decades worth of client paperwork was then living comfortably on his hard drive and mobile devices. The hardest part was getting all of the boxes to the paper shredding company. After every office makeover I hear the same things over and over again – “I never knew scanners could scan so fast” or “Does this thing ever jam?”

Andrew has saved hours of labor a week on filing paperwork, searching for paperwork, getting paperwork from his clients, and archiving it for future retrieval. The fact that these scanners are so incredibly fast and never jam, and offer every form archiving choices possible, make them a better than perfect solution for accountants and tax professionals.

Patrick Albrecht is an award-winning chef and owner of the Atlanta-based restaurant group, Great Food Group Inc.