Paper-Free Fantasy Football with ScanSnap Cloud

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August 24, 2016
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Paper-Free Fantasy Football with ScanSnap Cloud

Are you ready for football season? We are! Professional football kicks off in the next few weeks, and that means five straight months of action-packed pigskin play. For some of you, the season really begins in August — the time when you start researching players for your championship fantasy football team.


Over the years, the draft-day experience has evolved to become more of a digital process. But what if you’re still a purist? You know, someone who requires multiple pieces of paper with player rankings and detailed handwritten notes. If so, don’t fear! Using your iX100 or iX500 and ScanSnap Cloud, you can keep your same pre-draft research ritual, but eliminate the need to take a paper filled binder along with you to your friend’s house or the local sports bar.

All you have to do is….

1. Download and Install ScanSnap Cloud

2. Wrangle all of your draft sheets and notes

3. Scan them using your iX100 or iX500

Voila! Now you can access your sheets and notes during the draft using your laptop or mobile device and via your cloud service provider of choice, including BoxDropbox, Evernote,Google Drive and OneDrive. Bye, bye binder.

Oh, and if you are still looking for a team name, here are a few we’ve been kicking around at the office…

-ScanSnap Hike
-Blue Twenty-Two ScanSnap
-Touchdown ScanSnap
-Long Scan Snapper

Best of luck in all your fantasy football leagues!