How to Turn On OCR in ScanSnap Cloud

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How to Turn On OCR in ScanSnap Cloud

I’m sure you’ve heard that we’ve added OCR capabilities to ScanSnap Cloud! If you don’t know about all the exciting new functions yet, check out this announcement for more information.

Now that you’re all caught up on features, let’s help you turn on OCR in ScanSnap Cloud.

We’ll start with the mobile app.

Open the new ScanSnap Cloud app and go to the ‘hamburger menu’ at the top left corner. Next go to Settings, under settings go to Profile.

ssc_ocr1 ssc_ocr2

From profiles, select a document type and go to File Format. Under File Format, you will see the option to convert to searchable PDF and select a language.

ssc_ocr3 ssc_ocr4 ssc_ocr5

Done! Your scanned documents will now be OCR’d.

If you want to make the setting changes in the Desktop Application, start by opening it up on your computer.

Go to Preferences, under preferences go to the Scan settings tab.


Once the tab is open, click on the Details box under the document type and it will open a window to turn on OCR and select a language.

ssc_ocr7 ssc_ocr8

Done! Now you’re set up to OCR in ScanSnap Cloud.

If you’d like to refresh your memory on what OCR, reread this article.

Happy Scanning!


Allie Rumpanos

Business Development