How to ScanSnap Directly to Google Docs with ScanDrop

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June 14, 2010
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June 14, 2010
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How to ScanSnap Directly to Google Docs with ScanDrop

UPDATE: Google Docs provides a free and easy way for offices to share information and collaborate on various digital documents, but when it comes to paper documents, getting that information to Google Docs can become a hassle of scanning, downloading, editing and uploading all from different applications.

Now, you can quickly and easily scan, edit, and upload all of your paper documents into Google Docs all from the free desktop scanning software, ScanDrop.  With ScanDrop, users finally have a single place to edit and upload their scanned paper documents to Google Docs. From the ScanDrop interface users can view, rotate, re-order, delete, and label images quickly and easily before uploading. Since ScanDrop syncs directly to a Google Docs account, users can even designate which Google Docs folder the documents will be uploaded to. ScanDrop turns your ScanSnap scanner into a Google scanner.

Developed by award-winning document scanning service, OfficeDrop, the ScanDrop application is simple to use and configure with your ScanSnap scanner. After setup, just load your ScanSnap scanner, scan your documents, then edit images and upload scans directly to Google Docs. You can do this all from the ScanDrop desktop application – you don’t even have to open a web browser. With ScanSnap scanners for PC, ScanDrop can be configured to open automatically once the ScanSnap’s scan button is pressed. To see exactly how ScanDrop links ScanSnap scanners to Google Docs, see the video below:

ScanSnap to OfficeDrop

With the ScanDrop application you can also scan directly into an OfficeDrop online document management account. OfficeDrop’s Cloud Content Management service allows you to quickly and easily find specific information in your paper documents with an award-winning visual search program. Getting paper into the cloud storage account you use is easy with ScanSnap and ScanDrop!

A leader in scanning software and cloud computing, OfficeDrop provides both document scanning services as well as an intuitive online document management portal.  As an advocate of the paperless office, OfficeDrop provides the ScanDrop software as a free download to help people go paperless.

To get the free ScanDrop application, go to the OfficeDrop website, or you can download it from the Google App Marketplace. To learn in more detail how you can use the ScanDrop software, and how it is configured with ScanSnap, visit OfficeDrop’s ScanSnap configuration page.

*UPDATE: To clarify, right now the ScanDrop application is only compatible with ScanSnap PC scanners. Thank you to our reader, Alan, for inquiring about that.

Healy Jones
Vice President Marketing