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How to Scan to JPEG with ScanSnap

Did you know that you have the option to create both PDF and JPEG file formats using your ScanSnap? Users will likely scan and store their documents as PDFs on most occasions, however there may be instances when saving a JPEG file is necessary. Although ScanSnap scanners are designed to scan documents, there have been times I’ve scanned pictures, images, or brochures from trips using my ScanSnap and the digitized images came out great! Scanning to a JPEG file format is just as simple as scanning to PDF with a simple settings change in the ScanSnap Manager. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Right click on the ScanSnap Manager icon on your toolbar


  1. Click on “Scan Button Settings”


  1. Click on the “File” option tab


  1. From the “File format” drop down menu, select “JPEG”


  1. Click “OK” then “Apply”

You can change the file format to JPEG using all ScanSnap models, as they all come with the same ScanSnap Manager software. Now, you can scan and digitize all of those old photos or brochures! If any technical questions arise, please feel free to give our technical assistance center a call at: 800-626-4686. Happy Scanning!

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