How to Add Applications to Your QuickMenu

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July 17, 2017
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August 30, 2017
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How to Add Applications to Your QuickMenu

Have you ever wondered how to add applications to your QuickMenu? Maybe that new cloud service you’re using, or one of our many software integrations? Here is a quick tutorial on how to add applications to your QuickMenu.

Right-click the ScanSnap icon in your system’s task bar to open your settings. In the Applications tab, click ‘Applications Settings’.


Click ‘Settings’ in the new open window.


The new small window will open. Go to the ‘Add’ button.


When the next window opens, click the ‘Browse’ button and search for your application. Then, name the application and add a description if you’d like. When you are finished, click ‘OK’.


Click ‘Close’; ‘OK’; and ‘Apply’ then ‘OK’ in the subsequent windows to save your settings. Now, when you scan your next documents, you will see your application in the QuickMenu.



Happy Scanning!



Allie Rumpanos

Business Development