How DEVONthink Pro Office Works with ScanSnap on Mac

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How DEVONthink Pro Office Works with ScanSnap on Mac

If you’re like me and have a vast collection of files scattered throughout your Mac without any real organization, then I have a solution that will work for you – DEVONthink Pro Office. Here is an overview of DEVONthink Pro Office and how it works with ScanSnap on a Mac.

DEVONthink Pro Office is a free-form database that stores and indexes all of your documents from scanned documents to downloaded PDFs and JPEGs. You can even save your emails and favorite web links in the system. With DEVONthink Pro Office you create a folder structure and add tags and information that will help you organize and search your documents. DEVONthink Pro Office also enables you to begin text documents right in the database. It’s perfect for storing documents and starting a project right in the system!

DEVONthink Pro Office will automatically recognize your ScanSnap, giving you the option to scan directly into your database. The DEVONthink icon will also show up in your ScanSnap Quick Menu. If it doesn’t show up automatically, you can add it manually. After you scan a document, select the DEVONthink icon on your Quick Menu, name your document and click save. When you open DEVONthink Pro Office again, you will find the document in the inbox where you can add tags and drag and drop it into the right folder.

DEVONthink Pro Office also uses the built-in OCR engine to make your documents searchable. Once you’ve created your document structure, you can choose where that document is stored or built-in artificial intelligence will help you organize the documents by giving you suggestions on where to file your documents. The OCR engine and artificial intelligence will allow you to easily search and find your documents quicker whenever you need them.

Here are some resources for more information and tips on DEVONthink Pro Office:


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