Communication is the Secret to Getting Things Done

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April 11, 2012
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April 12, 2012
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Communication is the Secret to Getting Things Done

As a Mac person I know the importance of communication. Why? Well, for years and years very few software developers would take the time to make Mac platform software for us. They just “assumed” that we were all using PCs and living in a Windows-only environment. Many of us kept reminding developers that we are indeed Mac users and needed them to support us.

One of the biggest supporters of the Mac platform is indeed ScanSnap. Better yet, they feel we are important enough to have a Mac ambassador just for the ScanSnap Sqaud. Hee hee, that’s me!

I published a post on ScanSnap Community recently and guess what? Someone connected soon after the message was posted. How’s that for communication? The first person to respond to my posting was Victoria from Northern California. Here’s what she asked:

“I also love Macs, Evernote, and ScanSnap S1300!

In your article, you mentioned that you place your scans in two places: your desktop and Evernote.

I do the same thing, but I’m frustrated by an aspect of it. When it gets automatically filed into the desktop folder of my choice, it has the automatic date title, which tells me nothing about the subject. But before it goes into Evernote, I’m able to rename it something more meaningful.

My question is this: How can I get the copy that is sent to the desktop to ALSO show that more meaningful title, automatically?”

First off, thank you for such a great question, Victoria. When I scan, I have my profile set to automatically go to my Evernote account (for safe keeping). I have it set up to go into my “inbox” which is where I initially put anything I put into Evernote, then I move it where I want to store it. The first thing that happens is you have the chance to change the subject line.

Word and pdf, for the desktop, are not as simple, but there is an easy work around to change it. Simply tap on the icon (make sure not to open it) and the name will highlight and you can change it to what you want.

To answer your question more specifically, I had to go directly to ScanSnap tech support. What I discovered is that the ability to rename a file scanned directly to a desktop folder and have that same file appear in Evernote on Mac is not currently supported by the Mac version of Evernote. There is a workaround you can setup via an AppleScript, and while you’ll need some sort of technical knowhow, you’ll find helpful step-by-step instructions on IFormattable.

To be honest, I eventually delete the desktop version and just keep a copy in Evernote for easy access from my Macbook, iPad, iPhone and any browser. I do not always have my laptop with me.

Thank you, Victoria, for asking this great question. It’s folks like you who have questions and are not afraid to ask them that make things change. I think it will be great to have an Applescript made to make this an easy transition.

Lorene Romero (@lorener) is the President of the North Coast Mac Users Group in Santa Rosa, CA. She is also a full-time Travel Agent.